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Classic Full Pocket

The Classic Full Pocket Invitation

We are the premier source for Classic Pocket Folio invitations—the home of the original classic pocket. We started producing our first pocket invitations in 1998!

This classy card opens top and bottom revealing the main invitation body in the center and additional inserts/small envelopes tucked in the bottom pocket. When closed, the card is set with an initialed decorative center-piece.

    Contains: Classic Full Pocket
  • an insert for the main text
  • an insert for the map which is custom designed
  • an insert for the RSVP
  • a printed envelope for the RSVP
  • a decorative flap for the intitals
  • the main card with a full pocket
  • a printed mailing envelope to put in all the above
  • optional embellishments of your choice like ribbons, buckles

Average pricing - $7.50 to $8.00 per set depending on paper and ribbon selections. A set typically includes - invitation, mailing envelope, reply card, reply card envelope, map and printing of the envelopes. Some invitations are more than $8.50 depending on additional ribbons, embossers etc.

Samples of Classic Pockets