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The Team

Oakville Paper Boutique Team

Rozanne Homsy

Owner and Paperologist

OPB founder, Rozanne is originally from Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa—her unique ability to spot emerging trends, as well as her unwavering dedication to perfection, fine detail and extensive knowledge of unusual and rare papers—is what keeps OPB an appealing paper design boutique.

Rozanne has always been creative and when the idea to open a paper boutique dawned on her she jumped at the opportunity. Designing invites and coming up with new concepts is a great outlet for her creativity. Loving every day on the job Rozanne strives for perfection in every order.

Peter Homsy

Owner and Coffee Boy

Peter handles OPB administrative duties. Peter is a number cruncher by day and drummer by weekend. His unusually keen foresight helped Rozanne furnish her design talents into a sound business.

Peter is also there to help Rozanne packaging the orders, cutting paper replacing blades and all the heavy lifting.

Together, Rozanne and Peter work as a dynamic duo of paperology at its finest.